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I think that out of all the FIRE acronyms (Fun, Integrity, Respect, Excellence), my holiday would be described as fun.


For the past two weeks (the holidays), I would definitely describe it as fun since I got to do a lot of stuff during the holidays. In the first week I didn’t go out a lot but I got to play games with my friends from school. In the second week I think I might have gone out everyday. I went out to eat at places, went to Sylvia Park, visited family around Auckland, Etc. These holidays were very fun and would definitely relive it if I had a chance to.

Snotty Steak

Today we had to make a revolting recipe for disgusting food. We had to come up with the food, recipe and ingredients ourselves. I really enjoyed this task since we got to come up with the whole writing piece ourselves.


Today I finished one of my word work tasks, Meanings. I had to search up the meanings of the spelling words I was given and type it in next to the word. The words given to me are from the New Zealand article, “The Rena” which is about a shipwreck that happened in 2011. This task was kind of challenging because I had to keep changing in between tabs.

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