Science Candle Experiment

Science Candle Experiment 

During LCS, we are learning about Science and we did an experiment. This is how you can do it:



Lighter/Match & Stick

Cup (long enough for the candle to have space)




Food coloring (used to color the water to make it look cool!)



  1. Take your plate and find a flat surface to place it on.
  2. Then take the candle and place it on the plate (if it is a birthday candle, then light the bottom of the candle using your match & stick/lighter and place it on the plate. It will stick to the plate like magic!)
  3. After that, gently pour your water into the plate but make sure it does not overflow.
  4. Later, then light the candle using the lighter/match and stick.
  5. When done, carefully place the cup over the candle so that the cup is upside down on the plate and inside the cup is the candle swimming in the water.
  6. Then you are done!

My Hypothesis:

I guessed that the water would rise since the fire is consuming the air and the water would rise since there’s no air inside.

What happened:

What actually happened was the water rose since the fire was consuming the air and the water rose since there wasn’t any air inside.

One thought on “Science Candle Experiment

  1. Hey Logan, I love how you use the word hypothesis I was tondering if you could tell me what it means keep up the great job buddy !

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