Tag: LCS

Matariki Work

Today we worked on our Matariki slides. We had to answer some comprehension questions about the story we read about each sister. Lastly, we had to match the Maori word with the English version of it. I worked with my friend Soane to complete these tasks.

Lyrics I love

Today we had written down 5 songs we love, the artist and a lyric in the song. I really like the 5 songs because of the meaning behind each of them. I also answered the 2 questions on the side of the songs about the songs.


Today we had to pair up with a buddy and write our opinions on what qualities a good friend must have. My friend was Soane, we wrote 5 qualities a good friend must have and wrote them in the boxes. We have 4 answers in common which were loyal, funny, honest and hard working.